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We are delighted to offer a few Joomla components as a thank you to the Open Source community.

The Famous Websites Team

Please remember these components were written for very specific scenarios, your circumstances may be different so before downloading please read the descriptions and any instructions.

You may find a component does exactly what you want but most likely it 'kind of' does, but not quite. We can of course modify and customise a component for you but at commercial rates.

Likewise, we can not offer free support other than what is already on record either at Joomla or in the notes, our write up on each component.

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Send CSV List
Ever had a client or colleague ask for an Excel file of the users list from their site?

If so, this might be the component you need. Send CSV List is a Joomla! 1.5 native component that sends a CSV file extracted from the user listing to your administrators mailbox. This can be imported into Excel and other popular spreadsheets.

The Joomla registered users table has lots of fields, most contain data that is meaningless outside of the Joomla! environment. Hence, Send CSV List only gathers the useful (e.g. the password field stores an MD5 string which is useless outside of the website) data. If a user has entered their forename and surname Send CSV List will place the names in the appropriate column so when viewed in a spread sheet forenames are separate from surnames. This means should your client wish to contact the users (mail-merge etc.) they can create a tailored solution.

Send CSV List checks to make sure you have super-user status before starting, it creates the CSV file and eMails it to your address so you can easily forward it onto your client/colleague.

Some versions of Joomla! seem to report super-users differently, legacy mode and non-english sites can experiance this. Send CSV List will tell you what Joomla! thinks your user status is so you can make any tweaks to the code if you have to. Anyway, on regular 1.5 English installations Joomla! seems to play nice.

Download Zip file: com_send-csv-list.zip

Send CSV List was tested on three LAMP servers before publication, each worked perfectly. It is distributed under the GPL Licence terms and conditions. You are advised no guarantee is offered or implied, use at your own risk. Downloading any material from this website implies acceptance of terms and conditions.

In Jan 2010 we discovered some Joomla installations working in legacy mode were reporting the wrong super user group id, resulting in the script refusing to work. This is a Joomla bug and we have added a work-around. Tested and worked fine.

You are welcome to contact me through Joomla but frankly it's a bit hit and miss, I don't log in very often but will help if I can. Paid-for support is available by writing to Famous Websites >HERE< at a cost of £6.00 (about 10 USD) per query.