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  • Business Systems

    Schools, Colleges and Professional Bodies use our systems daily. Our web based systems are tailored to help develop your organisation.

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  • Web & Graphic Design

    With over thirty years of experience our understanding of aesthetic needs together with our technical abilities give you a holistic solution.

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  • Cost Effective

    Famous Websites® strive to offer the best value for money we can. Your budget is treated with respect and observed at all times.

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  Course Design and Delivery

Famous Websites® is delighted to help Colleges, Academies, Schools and Professional Bodies develop their systems to create a whole new dimension to their tutorage. The internet provides a fantastic way to interact with and engage students providing educational material around the clock. This ease of access is especially important to adult learners.

  Moodle and much more...

We have produced eLearning applications as well, using the world famous Moodle system and extending some well known content management systems to deliver student specific content, time based and with progressive levels. Working with our consultants specialising in lesson planning and the transfer of coursework to an online format your students can enjoy a rich learning experience.

  Cost effective, wide access and personal.

Using the internet to extend your organisation can be very cost effective. The investment in onine facilities can be far less than building or developing premises and can present new opportunities. You could have a much wider catchment.

  Our client community...

Our clients include international colleges and independent tutors serving students world-wide.

With an online facility all students, especially adults can take advantage of the flexibility it offers within their daily routines. For a person working full-time, accessing course-work and participating in tests and surveys in their own time could be the very reason they choose you. Nearly all course-work access is controlled with user logins so their activity can be monitored and tracked. This means, a tutor can review results to help and advise students individually.

  • Enrol new students online
  • Use secure gateways for fee payment (if required)
  • Provide coursework and support material for students
  • Use interactive lessons, download material, audio and video
  • Provide addition material for post graduates
  • Provide resources for professional vocation
  • Gather statistical data
  • Increase potential for existing courses

Famous Websites® is based in Daventry, Northampton, in the heart of England and serve numerous clients throughout the United Kingdon, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and America. Many of the schools we help have local catchment areas so the solution each college, academy and school requires is specific and unique to their needs. We work with faculty IT departments and independent consultants to deliver profitable solutions.

If you would like to discuss your project call +44 01327 344410 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today!