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Business Management Systems

Access and control your information...

A "BMS" - Business Management System best suited to your needs is a tailored or bespoke application that can (if you wish) become a foundational resource within your company.

Our systems are web-based meaning in use they 'feel' like a website and most often live along-side your public website. Your 'BMS' is accessible from many locations world-wide. The access controls govern who can use the applications and at what level is appropriate for their role within your organisation.

A Flexible Resource

Our system designs account for the type of administrators you have in your organisation to offer an intuitive and responsive interface. Design begins with an extensible data-set that is then delivered to the user in a format they understand and can use without a steep 'learning curve'.

They are very flexible too, we can change and adapt frameworks to meet new demands and program functions to improve your performance as a company.

Assisted Administration

The goal is to reduce administrative burden with automated processes without removing the key 'human' factor


  • Store information from "end users", your customers or members.
  • Multiple administrators can work simultainiously.
  • Easy to use web-based interface.
  • Programmed quality control for better consistancy.
  • Tailored data-set, databases designed for your needs.
  • Export features to view data as spread-sheets.
  • Live geo-tagging for global locational identification and mapping
Business systems, database and interface development

Business Systems

Schools, Colleges and Professional Bodies use our systems daily. Our web based systems are tailored to help develop your organisation.
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Web & Graphic Design

With over thirty years of experience our understanding of aesthetic needs together with our technical abilities give you a holistic solution.
Cost effective internet systems

Cost Effective

Famous Websites® strive to offer the best value for money we can. Your budget is treated with respect and observed at all times.

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