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What is the cost of a free website?

Today SMB/E and in particular start-up companies have lots of options including free web packages.

Are freebies worth it?
What's the real cost?

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Famous Websites® great low-cost options for new business.

We can get you online with a professional installation, a year of hosting and domain usually for less than £230 - but if that is too expensive, you can get a free website from a number of organisations. Even Google, FaceBook and other social networks provide a web page that gets you seen!

We strongly advise all our clients to take advantage of social networks.

However, there is something you should remember, most of the networks are free to use and that means there is no indication that you're a dedicated business with investment. You are 'just another' in a long string of names on networks where practically anyone can say they're an expert.

Your own website is an investment.

To a stranger, a potential new customer your website represents your commitment to trade. It's as simple as that. Having your own website says you mean business.

What about free and entry-level site builders?

When reviewing on-line page-builder type services be sure to check the cost of 'upgrades' since we don't know of any business that wouldn't need one at some point. Then it might not seem like such great value. In fact, we've looked at a number of these free to enter services to find the on-going running costs are over twice as expensive as ours. Uh? Go figure?

Famous Websites® offer a holistic service, your advantage with us is based on our advice, experience and dedication. Our goal is always to provide the best value for money so your budget goes further!

Professional Web Design...

...Famous Websites® have a track record of delivering quality web applications. Applications? Yes because the term 'web site' is very broad, it's like calling your car a vehicle, accurate but not particularly descriptive. Our sites are web applications meaning, they're more than an electric brochure, they can actually do things for you.

We've won awards for our websites, yours could be next!

The program we use to create websites has over eight thousand plug ins to enhance and improve your site, most of them are free to download and use and the 'paid-for' ones are usually a very reasonable cost too. So you can have a web 'application' that allows you to log in, add new pages and change images on-the-fly without the expense of hiring web designers.

How Much?

The annual running cost of one of our sites is less than £150. 
"Less than £150 a year for a professional website?"

It's true, we have dependable network systems where you are the senior client, the authority starts with YOU and your site hosting can be less than £150 a year. Your domain name can be linked to this, they're usually about £20 a year for and that's it, your on-going running cost, practically peanuts for a professional website that you don't have to throw your wallet at every time you want a new page!

Getting started

Once you have your hosting at our recommended internet service provider we can install and configure your site so it has a secure and safe basis (the internet is full of hackers). Our installations are low cost, designed to help start-up and small business. We will get it ready for you to make your way online. How much help do you need? Well we've found that once you have a confidence in the systems (no more difficult to use than google) you're on your way, until then you can have a service level agreement or just call for help as you need it. We use a flat rate and our service is designed to offer you the best value for money we can. This way you get a good AND cheap website.

Please remember, prices do fluctuate, costs on this page are accurate at the time of writing, November 2020.

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