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Each Famous Websites® client is privy to our advice on SEO, there is NO extra fee for this consultancy. By example in June 2011 we saved a client thousands within a month (enough to buy a British Airways 'Round the World' ticket!) by avoiding useless fees yet he still achieved his goal.

Search Engines and you...

SEO, best practice not sharp practice

SEO is now a big deal, everyone wants their page at the top of google and you've probably had calls from 'seo specialists' claiming it's possible, for £ whatever. For clarity, seo never ends, you can't just do it once and forget about it.


The internet constantly changes although there are periods of apparent stability, just one piece of technology can throw a spanner in the works.

A classic example is MS Internet Explorer, the most popular browser still and yet causes web developers a lot of trouble whenever a new version is issued. It likes to do things 'its way' rather than by standard. In 2007 we all thought we knew what mobile computing meant, the Apple iPad was practically science fiction. Now (time of writing, 2011) iPads are common place so many websites have to change to accommodate its quirks, flash dependent sites fail immediately.

Having a website built on a framework which allows you to change this or that to keep up with the times has for many become a critical necessity. Your site built by Famous Websites will use current technology frameworks to offset these demands. Modern sites are modular.

Login, write up, publish out.

Your website built by Famous Websites® will allow you to log in, write an article, upload images from your camera and publish to the world at large. It's not difficult, if you can write an eMail at google, you can publish new pages at your website. If you travel, as long as you can get on-line to your site you can make changes, from your hotel room in California to your holiday home in the South of France. You can also delegate so if you're dealing with one particular product or service personally, you can allow a staff member a login and they could look after another part of your website.

For the benefit of all, some truths...

The chances of someone from google contacting you about SEO are so remote you have more chance of the president of the USA calling to see if you'd like to go to the cinema tonight and stop or a pizza on the way home.

For sure, there must be some genuine SEO specialist firms. However, what I've seen so far, in general most of what they're offering is actually either common sense or free anyway. A client sent me an itinerary of the SEO features one company were trying to sell to him. It was a long list indeed, a couple of pages full. Lots of interesting items and laid out as a grid with ticks everywhere showing how brilliant their service was. In fact, nearly everything listed was free. Either free to download or free to read. Those things that were not freely available were advisory and for me these fell under “common sense” anyway.

Now we could argue that “common sense” to a web developer or SEO guru is not so common to everyone else. There's some truth there but really! Really?

Not sure if it's still there but google used to have a page saying THEY were contacted by dubious SEO firms saying they were not not doing well on google! - Uh? Google are not doing well at google?

New Applications

The programming framework we use has many contributors, software authors already have thousands of useful gadgets and tools you could plug into your site to boost its appeal, from cross-linking to FaceBook or Twitter to simply adding a voting poll the framework allows you to develop your website into a rich resource for your visitors, customers and your company itself.


Not all Famous Websites®work is open to the public. We create network applications, intra-nets built to perform network functions and usually exclusive to company employees. Generally these look and feel like a website but are only available within your office network or secure connection, an intra-net is private. If your company has a number of branches then this could be a way to unify the company and develop software tools to give you an advantage in your market.

So, do you need help?

Most useful SEO is common sense, no guru needed.

Google have long since published the do and don't of SEO. Just go to google and read it. Reasonable common sense for everyone. Having taken the google advice on-board, how that expresses itself on your own site is where you might need help but again, for most people this level of consultancy is advisory.

There's not much practical help you can buy-in, the pseudo 'technocrat' guru computer whiz-kid stuff will not make a dot of difference if you don't observe Google's own guidelines.

Further more, I am shocked at the criticism these companies will put forward to back-up their claims. Often it is totally unfounded, fictitious even. And where not, I'd just have to disagree with their concept of what makes a website work. Further more, Famous Websites® can back this up with pretty good results for client SEO too.

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